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Importance of solar energy

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Importance of Renewable Energy

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Energy drinks are an easy way for people to get the energy that they need in minutes. If they are feeling sluggish, then they can just grab a can of an energy drink. Energy drink can be found almost anywhere: in the gas station, at the store, and even in some schools. The second path is the soft path which leads to the energy alternatives that emphasize energy quality and are also renewable, flexible and more environmental friendly.

The soft path relies mainly on renew­able energy i.e.

Energy Production

sunlight, wind biomass, tidal energy etc. There is a need to resort to energy management. Renewable resources refer to the source of unlimited natural energy that does not face the threat of depletion from overuse.

Natural elements such as the wind, sea, and sun are. Renewable energy: As long as the sun exists in the space, solar energy can be generated for free. It is a game changer as far as ensuring energy security to the people. With rising electricity bills in the household, people are increasingly installing solar panels on their rooftops to supplement the production of electricity.

Energy is the most important of all resources, while sustainability concept is focuses on the long term survival of communities. The energy and sustainability had to be balance up.

Ecological studies include the result of resource consumption and the technology systems have to move toward sustainability.

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Importance of solar energy in our daily life essay and speech