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Now, I know most of you probably haven't read the book but I was just wondering if you had any suggestions for my paper.

Edmond Dantès

I was kind of discouraged because I was almost done with it this morning, but then found out I was doing it wrong and had to. The Count of Monte Cristo is a novel by Alexandre Dumas that was first published in Before his imprisonment, Edmond Dantes was what you’d considered as every parent’s dream child.

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He’s what you’d describe as hard-working, honest and. Edmond Dantès (pronounced [ɛd.mɔ̃ dɑ̃.tɛs]) is a title character and the protagonist of Alexandre Dumas, père's adventure novel The Count of Monte Cristo.

Within the story's narrative, Dantès is an intelligent, honest, and loving man who turns bitter and vengeful after he is framed for a crime he did not commit. Edmond Dantès. Before his imprisonment, Edmond Dantès is a kind, innocent, honest, and loving man.

Though naturally intelligent, he is a man of few opinions, living his life instinctively by a traditional code of ethics that impels him to honor his superiors, care dutifully for.

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Oscar Zach is a red piller who detests white knights/manginas, whom he believes to be the actual source from where feminism draws its power to subvert men in modern society.

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